My name's Piper, and I'm 17. I use she/her pronouns.
Overall I'd say I'm a pretty chill person; it takes a lot to rile me up. I have autism, and a dry sense of humour. I'm good at math, and bad at explaining my ideas. I'm OK at writing "About" pages.

I spend a lot of my free time drawing weird cartoon creatures and people. My influences in art (and in this website's design) range from 1960s advertising mascots, to 90s alternative comics, to 2000s designer vinyl and sofubi toys. Of course the cartoons I grew up watching influence my drawings a lot too.
I'm also an avid birdwatcher and a great fan of classic (70s-80s) punk rock music. I've been listening to the Clash for longer than I can remember. I also dig new wave and 90s garage-rock, but I'll listen to practically anything if it's got a good sound.

Like any common teenager, I like video-games.
My absolute number-one please-play-this favourite is Psychonauts (2005), and its sequels. They're funny and they're fun to play and they have the raddest Burton-esque art and they're about autism and mental illness and growing up and they talk about all that with writing that's a mix between Invader Zim and 1960s spy flicks and it works.
I could go on about Psychonauts for HOURS. In fact, I do, on this very site.
But I also love Nintendo games (Splatoon and Pokemon are my favourites), and 90s point-and-clicks.

I have autism, so sometimes I come across as rude in text when I don't mean to. Please tell me if this is the case if we talk! It's probably an accident.


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Badgersaurus is a character I created in Summer 2021. She is a half-badger half-dinosaur kaiju of a reasonable size, who enjoys basically all the same stuff I enjoy, but also knows how to play guitar.

Badgersaurus' design was inspired by a number of things: the biggest was 2000s designer art toys, which often used cartoony kaiju monsters as their subjects. Some favourite artists of mine in that medium are Joe Ledbetter and Konatsu.
Badgersaurus was also inspired by old advertising mascots and 2000s thickline animation, hence her simplistic design.

Badgers are some of my favourite animals, both due to being fascinating creatures in their own right-did you know that a lineage of European badgers may inhabit the same sett for over a century?-but also because of what they symbolically represent, at least to me: hard work, family bonds, keeping one's home clean, being a funy litle creature, and so on.
The dinosaur angle is simple, too: I like dinosaurs. Kaiju are often dinosaurs, or related to them somehow. If you asked me to name what specific dinosaur makes up the -saurus part of Badgersaurus, I couldn't answer, really. She's got Stegosaurus spikes but the teeth of a Tyrannosaur. (The ambiguity keeps her relatable to a wide audience.)

Badgersaurus represents a few things, other than an idealized version of myself who is exactly the same but can play guitar. The biggest one is the miraculous continued existence of all the weird forgotten things in the world that continue to poke through the cracks of even this modern capitalist society.
I mean big things, art projects and the like, but also the small stuff, like oddly-phrased signs or the hand-made zines at my local bookstore or those fucked-up shirts you find at thrift stores that make you wonder what kind of human being would wear such a thing.
The kind of stuff you know some people would love to stomp out. But it enriches the world so much by just being out there, undetected, for us to find.
The idea of a creature, living like a popular European woodland animal, but which somehow contains the essence of something that should have gone extinct sixty-five million years ago sums that up for me. How is it still around? How did nobody notice it? Whatever the answer, I'm glad it's here.

The first sketch of Badgersaurus.

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

The current mood of Badgersaurus at www.imood.com
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