Looking for something new to listen to? A sample of my music-taste? Or maybe you wanna see my headcanons about what sub-sub-genres of rock I think Splatoon characters would like. Whatever you're here for, you're sure to enjoy these custom-mixed playlists, made by yours truly.

Playlists on this page are sorted by theme; whether that be general mood, genre, a time of year, a fictional character or piece of media... So on and so forth. Each is accompanied by a short description and a list of a few notable artists featured.
All the playlists featured here are hosted on Spotify, so if you don't use that app, you're shit outta luck. I might make youtube or downloadable MP4 versions of these in the future, but don't hold your breath.
I make new playlists and update old ones semi-frequently, so check back often!


Summer Nights and Rainy Days
A chilled-out playlist of mostly-acoustic garage- and alt-rock tunes. For days when the weather's got you down, or nights when you feel surprisingly spiritual.
Artists featured include the Pixies, Gomez, Modest Mouse, and Weezer.

coding music <3
This playlist's title is only half-serious. But it's also only half a joke!
Girly pop, dance, and alt-rock, mostly from the 90s and 2000s. A varied mix, but sure to get you in that Y2K mood!
This playlist features only a few instances of repeat artists, but some of the musicians featured include Cibo Matto, Primal Scream, No Doubt, and Blondie.

Cleaning Playlist
A hi-power mostly-80s mix for dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing and all that good stuff. Not at all my usual artists--
this playlist features songs by Heart, Pat Benatar, the Human League, and Bon Jovi.

Slightly wistful, dour-yet-hopeful tunes for fall (or whenever.) Doubles as a pathetic sad little meow meow whiteboy playlist if you're in a really low mental state. I get it, don't worry.
Artists featured include Wilco, Joy Division, Pulp, and Neko Case.

girl rage
A selection of angry girl music for when you are an angry girl. Which for me is pretty much always.
Artists featured include L7, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and Hole.


Surf Wax America
A collection of my favourite surf-rock and surf-adjacent tunes, for days when you wish you were at the beach. Includes both classic 60s stuff and modern bands. Hang ten!
Artists featured include Link Wray, Dick Dale, the Surfrajettes, and the Sonics.

burn your bible with me
A loose selection of songs under the theme 'love, sex and the divine.' Made for a friend.
Artists featured include Twin Temple, the Dwarves, and CAKE.
Sort of a weird mix, not one I'd recommend listening to on shuffle or at all really, just treat it as a list.


A non-Christmassy Christmas playlist.
Full of crooning tones and warm basslines. Lots of stuff taken from TV and film soundtracks. Only one of these is truly a Christmas song; that being 'Fairytale of New York' by the Pogues. Everything else is just winter-y.
Listen to it while there's a blizzard outside for the full effect.
Artists featured include Urge Overkill, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the Cure, and the Ronettes.

All Hallow's Eve
The obligatory Halloween playlist.
I like to think I have a pretty good collection of spooky music and this contains some of it. There's a good variety sound-wise in here, but lots of eccentric vocals and murder-ballad lyrics.
Artists featured include Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the Cramps, Tom Waits and Blanche.


Psychonauts playlist
Check this vintage Badgersaurus playlist from 2019! It ain't my best work but it's still alright. This is an esoteric mix of songs that remind me in some way, shape or form of the game Psychonauts. There was no concern for genre, feel or mood when assembling this. Influences range from the game's faux-60s vibe, to running jokes, to specific characters and story beats.
A shorter playlist; nobody really specific featured or anything.

Raz Aquato playlist
A playlist inspired by the character Raz Aquato from Psychonauts.
A mixed-up selection of 90s alt-rock, classic 70s rock, and whatever genre the B-52s are. A wistful, but overall hopeful mood, in lyrics and sound, with a psychedelic flair.
Artists featured include Elvis Costello, Weezer, Iggy Pop, and the Flaming Lips.

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal playlist
A rather quiet playlist inspired by the titular show. (God, I hate that title. I really do.)
A collection of lonely, time-worn songs about love, loss and the sense that you're heading somewhere... but you don't know where.
Lots of Edred-y feels, as you might guess.
Artists featured include Jack White, Mitski, the Talking Heads, and Holly Golightly.

Splatoon Stuff
With Splatoon being as focused on music as it is, it's no surprise that I have a load of musical headcanons relating to it's characters. These include the sorts of music I think they'd enjoy, and stuff that reminds me of their character, but also what they sound like, relatively, in-universe. Like, voice-wise, if they weren't gurgly squid people, or if you were a gurgly squid person listening to their voices. Does that make sense? Didn't think so. But give these playlists a shot anyway.

Marie Calamari playlist
A playlist inspired by the character Marie Calamari from Splatoon.
It's all very low-key, pessimistic, yet groovy, stuff. Lyrics pertaining to a general apathetic attitude towards society and emotional detachedness, both things I associate heavily with her. Mostly consisting of alt-rock and garage-rock, with some ska and new-wave mixed in.
Artists featured include Mazzy Star, the Breeders, Fugazi, and the Jesus-and-Mary Chain.

Callie Calamari playlist
A playlist inspired by the character Callie Calamari from Splatoon.
In high contrast to her cousin's playlist, this mix features upbeat ska and new-wave in spades! I've always thought of Callie as a sort-of squid equivalent to Gwen Stefani somehow. Maybe it's the jumpsuit. Seems like something she would wear. You know?
Artists featured include No Doubt, the B-52s, the Go-Go's, and the Ramones.

Marina Ida playlist
A playlist inspired by the character Marina Ida from Splatoon.
This one's got a generally warm, hi-class low-fi rock-and-roll feel. Mostly '70s music, or music that sounds like it's from the 70s. Lyrics about love, and falling in and out of it. I know this doesn't make any sense because she's a DJ but Damp Socks being basically the cephalopod equivalent to the Black Keys makes me feel justified in this.
Artists featured include the Black Keys, Amy Winehouse, T. Rex and the Detroit Cobras.

Pearl Houzuki playlist
A playlist inspired by the character Pearl Houzuki from Splatoon.
A mix of wicked punk-rock and well-sampled hip-hop. Rough, unfettered sounds, heavy on the distortion. Hedonistic lyrics about sex and drugs and rock and roll and maybe some more important things, too. Yeah, I think this one's pretty self-explanatory. Pearl's my favourite of these characters. I dunno, I felt like I should mention that somewhere.
Artists featured include the Clash, the Bad Brains, Jurassic 5 and the Beastie Boys.

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