Piper's Self-Indulgent Urusei Yatsura Page

(Or, PSIUYP, for short)

Urusei Yatsura is one of them rom-com mangas by Rumiko Takahashi and I have become unreasonably attached to it during my senior year of high-school because I guess that's just the point my life is at now.
Maybe this will be a proper shrine or analysis page someday but for now it's just a collection of, like, you remember those 2018 Tumblr pages that just did 'incorrect quotes' for whatever shitty fandom bullshit they wanted? It's that. Yeah.

I'll spiff this up later but I got finals to study for now. I wanted to squeeze this out before the remake (amd my own high-school years) ended as a sorta celebratory thing.

(tbh these two (above) are just like the whole premise of this shitty fucking tv show. if you for some reason want to see a whole 200 episode anime of these two images good news its existed since 1983 and also theres a 45 episode remake from this year. enjoy)

i don't even need to slap an internet funny on this this is just the funniest frame of any piece of tv ever. me hopping on discord everyday