I love punk-rock n' roll!!
But I also love ska, new-wave, hip-hop, old country, rockabilly, psychobilly, alternative-rock, whatever genre Ween is, the blues, reggae, classic metal.. you get the gist.
Point is, I like music. A lot. So of course I have a section on my website for it.

Here, you can find a list of my favourite albums, soundtracks and the like, my thoughts on concerts I've been to, and links out to my Spotify playlists.
Maybe eventually I'll put up a review section or something, for when the next Weezer album comes out and I brave the waters of modern Rivers Cuomo's mind in hopes of finding a song that maybe doesn't suck. (The black album was good, guys! I swear!)

Album Wall

A visual list of my favourite albums, with links to my favourite songs off them.

Concert Journal

Live vicariously through my live-music experiences with this list of who I've seen live.


Links to my Spotify playlists, accompanied by brief descriptions and sorted by theme.

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