Unfortunately this is not an actual page about surfing, because I am a weak short nerd and also because I live in landlocked interior Canada.
What this is is my links page. You know, web-surfing?
Catch a wave out of my domain and off to another super-rad stop on the information superhighway. Or whatever.

Here, you can find other personal websites, useful resources, useless timewasters, and web-design inspiration from across time and space.
I plan to update this section often, so check back whenever.

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Other wicked personal websites ran by cool people.

pumpkinvvitch - Saskaw - callmemanatee


Assorted timewasters, website-design inspiration, or just random pages I think are rad.

The Internet Archive
A virtual library resplete with free books, music, software and videos to enjoy.
Great for school projects or simply finding new reading material for free without leaving the house. Looking to watch or read something, or play an old PC game? Check here first.
Also home to the Wayback Machine and Gifcities.

A very clear HTML5 and CSS tutorial site. Entirely text-based, with examples you can fiddle around with. Everything I used to make Badgersaurus I was taught by this site (and random tech-support forum posts from 10 years ago.)

Double Fine
The official website of Double Fine Studios, creators of Psychonauts and other wicked-cool games. It has a unique, old-timey circus flair, and loads of comic-strips drawn by DF employees.

Vinyl Creep
A wiki of designer vinyl, sofubi and plush toys. Super-fun to surf through, and see the myriad of artists who have contributed to the medium. The 2000s stuff is the best of course.

Homestar Runner
Everybody loves the Homestar Runner! He is a terrific internet cartoon.
A super-colourful, super-retro website with information on a 90s virtual-pet... game... simulation... thing called Fin Fin, in which you observe a bird-dolphin hybrid. Fantastic inspiration for 90s-inspired websites.

Internet Pinball Database
A collaborative database of everything you could ever want to know about every pinball machine ever made. Includes photos of pins, production-history notes, flyers, designer credits, and loads more. Great for midcentury art-inspiration.

Mr. Breakfast's Cereal Project
A website compiling information on American breakfast-cereals. Information on branding, flavours and commercials can all be found here. The site has a cheesy old-web design meant to look like the back of a cereal box.
A website and organization that features and funds a variety of wildlife, zoo and animal-rescue livestreams. Personal favourites of mine are the Ventana Wildlife Association's California Condor livestreams (a soap opera unto themselves), the Mississippi River bird livestream, and the various Orcalab livestreams of the Vancouver Island coast.

Lightspeed Magazine
An online science-fiction and fantasy magazine. Loads of stories by loads of authors, varying in quality, but all free!

Clarkesworld Magazine
Another online science-fiction magazine. Ditto to the above.

Dawn of Time
A mostly-wordless webcomic about a ditzy cavegirl, her triceratops friend, and a Victorian time-traveller. Only 300-ish pages long, but extremely charming.

Which Splatoon character out of this random arbitrary selection are you?
A UQuiz I made for my friends. Pretty much exactly what you'd expect from that title. Enjoy.

The Rome Squad
The official website of the Rome Squad, for only the most EXTREME Verona teens. Now open to Montagues and Capulets alike.
(A joke page made by a friend of a friend for an English project.)

Bob's Dinosaurs Attack! Homepage
A fanpage for the 80s' Topps trading-card series Dinosaurs Attack!, which features over-the-top B-movie inspired art of dinosaurs killing people. Includes scans of all the fronts and backs of the cards plus some additional information.

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