Badgersaurus has been around since March 15, 2022, and as you can imagine the update-log on the homepage was getting quite long. So I moved it all here.
Now you can browse Badgersaurus' past updates with relative ease! Kind-of.

Stuff gets moved from the main page update-log to here... whenever I remember to cut it down. You do know I play all this website stuff by ear, right?

Well. It has been, um, one month. "Update more consistently" my ass.
Anyway... I'm done diplomas! I started a new semester! I got offered acceptance to a fairly respectable outta-province university! Persona 3 remake came out and I'm dangerously close to playing it and losing all my good-taste-in-video-games street-cred!!
Also I drew a few things and made some new playlists, which you can see in the usual places. The Badgersaurus 2.0 recode is done, as I mentioned on my feed a while back; next goal is pumping out all the graphics for it. It has a style switcher and I-frames and all the other fancy shit. Might even make an entrance page, who knows. After that I gotta port everything over and make some minor consistency changes and then we'll be off to the races!!
See ya later.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Enjoy a new State of the Badger Address. Plus it includes a writing snippet for a short story I'm working on right now.
See you in the new year!

No concert page this week--but definitely coming soon what with winter break and all. Instead I stuck up a little digital drawing.
Yeah school is destroying me right now (not grades-wise but workload-wise.) The good news: I have started using Obsidian to do creative writing in and it is infinitely nicer than Notepad++ for longform stuff. I will be getting way way more done for the site in the future thanks to it. Not to sound like a corporate shill but you should give it a shot if the idea of linking writing together like a wiki sounds cool to you. Plus it saves everything in plaintext so if you stop using it it's no big deal to move your stuff.
We finished our production of She Kills Monsters on Thursday, on which I ran lights. Not a great script but we had a lot of fun. My good friend Taylor truly nailed the 'homophobic vampire cheerleader' role. Our gelatinous cube prop ruled. It had googly eyes. We played Weezer at one point. I pressed so many buttons... the button-pressing was off the charts. We had only one issue with the projector. The parents laughed at the jokes in that polite way people do at school plays. All in all, a great time!
That's all for now. See ya later!

Good news: I'm done university applications and will have more time to dedicate to the website going forward! Until finals in a couple weeks but shhh.
I've stuck 4 new drawings up in the Gallery, done some cleanup in the Arcade, cleaned up this log, and am mostly done the Concert Journal which I will stick up sometime this coming week.
Not too much else going on... feeling better mentally, mostly. Been watching a lot of movies lately, studying a whole bunch. Most of my time is dedicated to math homework now. I wanna do some nice holiday drawings but we'll see. Hopefully gonna be able to pump out a second State of the Badger Address over winter break.
See ya later!

Today, there's a new Gallery drawing, links to my media-tracking sites on the About page, and a new Arcade page I have no good excuse for. Go look at 'em!
Not much to say-see you later!

Turns out one of my friends (or, "friend", I guess) disagrees with me on some key issues—like, key-to-my-continued-existence-as-a-member-of-a-minority-group-type issues. It hurts a lot because this was someone I was very close to and thought I had a lot in common with, but I guess I was wrong. That's how it is with friends, though—some are for a long time and some are temporary.
I can't really cut them off now-right-now for a multitude of reasons (typical high-school politics) but I'm trying to cope through my usual fashions; looking on the bright side, maybe the rest of the friend group in question will notice and kick them out before long; and if not then at least it won't hurt so bad when we drift apart after graduation. In terms of music, I come back to that one Specials B-side. I love the bluntness of it. And the opening song of Heathers the Musical; "college will be paradise/if I'm not dead by June" indeed.
Anyway… cheerier news: finishing up university application stuff right now! It's looking good. There's a new digital drawing in the Gallery with SHADING and NICE LINEWORK (one of the seven signs of the apocalypse here.) I'm doing lighting for the next school mainstage play; it's the Young Adventurers version of She Kills Monsters, apparently. I've never heard of it but some (other, hopefully non-bigoted) friends of mine are happy about it. Radio Club's back up and I'm on the air (read: school intercom) again! Oh yeah and there was another pepper-spray incident at school. Did I ever mention the first one here? I dunno.
Signing off for now! More next week.

Three weeks of radio silence ain't good. Sorry about this, AGAIN.
The usual excuse applies--super busy with school. Math's been especially hard this year (which makes sense, being senior-year and all, but still). And just when things were starting to cool down this weekend, various non-school events have had my whole family on edge. It's been hard to focus on stuff other than classes and chores recently.
I have been tinkering with stuff--just not this site. I set up Letterboxd, Trakt, Storygraph and Backloggd accounts for organizing my free time for no real reason. I'll link 'em here later. I'm in the process of writing for personal art-projects as always, but it's slow going.
What else? I watched Pitch Perfect 3 at a friend's birthday party and it was certainly one of the movies of all time. I'm not sure if my favourite part is DJ Khaled's 10 minutes of mostly-silent screentime with 0 of his songs featured or the fact that the movie suddenly becomes a spy-thriller halfway through for no reason before returning to.. whatever genre Pitch Perfect is? It's not really a musical but I don't know what else you'd call it. I've never seen the first two movies, for what it's worth.
Futari Wa Pretty Cure is great fun. It's still glittery girly nonsense like the later series but instead of magic rainbow lazers Nagisa and Honoka just straight-up kick the shit outta the bad guys. Also Labyrinth David Bowie is there. I've also been watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (fun, and I'm the exact target audience, but I dunno if it deserved a bajillion Emmies) and re-playing Costume Quest (kickass, like every Double Fine game!)
Oh yeah and they announced that Scott Pilgrim cartoon. That's gonna be my Breaking Bad when it comes out. The pathetic white men are winning again.
Anyway: a new drawing, a new playlist, cleaned up the update log. See you next week, I promise!

Back again! A comic strip today. Also getting some stuff in order on the Radio and Arcade pages for future updates.
I decided to remove the 'software' section from the Surfin' page 'cuz it wasn't really that great.
What else? I love biology. Such a fun class. Our neurology unit makes me want to pursue it as a master's in the future. I find it so fascinating.
I've been watching Azumanga Daioh lately. Hysterical show. Tomo is my favourite; Kagura is just regular dumb and Osaka's off in her own little world but I'm convinced Tomo is a purely instinctual being who does not possess a consciousness or frontal lobe and functions purely on a biochemical basis. There is no other explanation for the shit she does.
I got a 97% on my first math quiz! Hope that's a good omen. My driver's license came in the mail yesterday. Our province's design for it has a dinosaur embossed on it and I'm pissed I didn't know that before. Would have motivated me to get it way sooner.
Also, thank you for fifty-thousand views on Neocities! Big number. Wow.
Catch ya later!

School's started!
So far I like all my teachers and classes. I'm especially excited about Biology this semester (had a slight course shuffle since I last updated.) I'm ready to get busy with extracurriculars and stuff; I'm joining the cross-country team this Tuesday, hoping to get involved with Drama and Radio Club again, and doing some out-of-school community programs as well. I've got a math tutor again; I'm meeting her Wednesday.
I volunteered at my city pride parade yesterday (yes, we have it in September) and carried a banner for city council! It was a lot of fun. See the kid in the B-52s shirt? That's me! My outfit wasn't as colourful as I woulda liked, but that's the only rainbow thing I own.
I just finished Tropical-Rouge Pretty Cure and it might actually be one of my favourite TV shows ever. That's kind of embarrasing to admit, but... I haven't cried that hard at the ending of something in ages. Minori is Just Like Me FR (insert edited Chainsaw Man panel here) and all the others are great too. The scene where (no spoilers) Mantasu and Laura meet again? Had me losing my marbles. I dug it hard.
Anyway... yeah, updates... there's a new playlist up. More planned for next week.
And remember, 'Todaybor Day is a-Labor Day'!

The last update of the summer: two new digital drawings in the Gallery.
Sorry for the radio-silence here lately. Been having a crappy month. Hoping once school starts it'll get better.
I took my learner's driving test today and failed it. Better luck next time, which is hopefully this weekend. I've decided if I do it I'm gonna buy myself a plushie of the NSR character Sayu which is exorbitantly priced (and, you know, a bit strange considering her whole shtick is a satire of hyperconsumerism and the idea of replacing real people with impossible ideals) but look at this thing oh my god.
Love love Sayu pyuun!! Or, see ya later, I guess.

Went birdwatching earlier this week. Gonna go hiking tomorrow, so I'll be back here soon.
Not too much else going on. I got my school schedule which is good. Math, chemistry, and social studies the first semester, with physics, biology, and english the second. I wanted to take cooking but the schedule didn't work out; I might ask if I can take mechanics instead.
Been picking away at the pterosaur page. It is looking good.
That's all for now.

A new goofy drawing up in the Gallery. Uhh, I already sorta spilled my guts here yesterday, so that's all.

It's been a while! But to be fair I was taking Bio 20. That's done as of three days ago, though, so expect updates to pick up again.
Today I stuck up some more albums on the Album Wall and adjusted the Badgersaurus Comix description because I'm obviously not doing those biweekly or on any sort of schedule.
Anyway, what else has gone on? I saw two movies in theatres-Asteroid City and Barbie-and adored them both. Best schmaltzy movie about making movies and 2-hour-long toy-commercial I have ever seen, respectively. They announced a new Godzilla movie and it looks neat; hopefully a theatre in my city will have a showing at some point. I like the new Goji design well enough, though the extra-tall back-spikes are a bit goofy. He'll probably look better in motion though.
Perhaps most shockingly: a friend forced me at gunpoint (read: asked me politely) to watch all of Glitter Force Doki Doki (a heavily-edited dub of one of the Pretty Cure shows) and I... really really liked it. Who woulda thought? I'm watching a buncha magical girl stuff now. Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure and the 90s Sailor Moon are next on my list.
Oh yeah and this is the first Badgersaurus update from Windows 11. My computer is full of rounded corners now... weird. But kinda fun!

Today is my birthday! I am now 17 years old. Watch out, west-coast Canadian university application readers, I'm coming your way fast.
There's a relevant drawing in the gallery.
Unicorn: Warriors Eternal ended and it was pretty good. The ending was, uh, it was something. I mean I like it but also it solved absolutely nothing at all. If we don't get a second season I'll be properly pissed off but for now I'm pretty happy.
To celebrate that, there's a new playlist on the Radio.
Also I started playing Guilty Gear Strive and it's pretty rad. I like Axl, he seems like a nice dude.
That's it for today. See you next week!

Went birdwatching. Busy with summer classes now. That's it.

I added some more albums to the Album Wall and stuck a whole shwack of links on the Surfin' page. If you follow me on Neocities and I follow you and I haven't added your button yet I probably added yours today! Check it out.
Oh yeah and I switched E-mail providers again. Cool.
Nothing else today. See you around.

...I went birdwatching the other day and forgot to write it up on here. Oops.
New journal entry, updates to the Life-List, yada yada.
On a side note I was apparently possessed by some kind of force which made me watch the 2007 Disney film Meet the Robinsons the other day and oh my god I actually really liked it. Like, it was funny. The jokes actually made me laugh. The retrofuturist art was fun, the animation was really cartoony and exagerrated. Goob was an iconic and amazing character. I might draw some fanart of it later, I dunno.
Do with this information what you will. See you next week, I guess.

Boy, has it been a while! Sorry for the long gap, but I've been super-busy.
More specifically: I have officially finished Grade 11! And I think with honours!!! Not to brag or anything but I'm pretty good at this school thing.
Oh, also I saw the Cure perform in Vancouver a couple weeks ago. It was amazing. Robert Smith is one of the best rock-stars out there period.
In the meantime, I've managed to squeeze out a couple Gallery drawings and the Album Wall page, finally. It's got fancy CSS and a new font and everything.
Find it under the Radio!
There's also a different image on the 404 page now that I think is funnier.
I hope to get more active with updates this summer, but I am taking Biology in July, so no promises. Still, I do hope to get that Broken Age essay done, and the skeleton of my pterosaur project pages more-or-less finished.
Catch you later!

Huge update for today: A comic strip! A birdwatching journal entry! Three (or five, depending on how you count) new pieces in the Gallery, including some digital art!
I hope this makes up for my shoddy schedule recently-school has been getting tough. But we're almost done this year!! God I am so excited for the summer. And, hey-this is technically my last-ever summer break, before I finish grade school and head off to university. Crazy stuff.
Other than that: UWE is still a really good show. That Broken Age essay is gonna have to wait because I decided to start it just as I start ramping up on actual graded ELA projects and I don't hate myself enough to write two essays at once. Album Wall next, instead?? Maybe!
Catch you later!

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal premiered on Thursday and it is the best thing ever. Go watch it please.
By which I mean: some art in the gallery. No Badgersaurus Comix this week because I've been busy setting up the Point n' Clicks index. It's looking good, so far. After it and my Broken Age essay are done, I'll be setting up the Pterosaur page! It'll have custom CSS and everything. Expect updates here to speed up soon: it's springtime after all and school is slowing down in some of my classes.
That's it for today! See you later.

Minor sidebar adjustments across the whole damn site, plus a new Badgersaurus Comix strip and a new Gallery drawing! Enjoy.

I went birdwatching this morning, so there's a new birdwatching journal entry and some life-list updates.
I finished watching the TV show Maniac this week. The best way I can describe it is it's the Psychonauts spinoff miniseries I always wanted. It's got all the elements: absurd somewhat-dark humour, empathetic and complex exploration of mental illness and trauma, fantastic sci-fi (though near-future rather than midcentury-inspired), and really lovable characters. Really all it's missing is the sentient lungfish.
If any of that sounds good to you then you should watch it!
That's it for today.

Today: A new Badgersaurus Comix strip!!! FINALLY.
I'm now starting to do these on a regular schedule FOR REAL THIS TIME and it's gonna be biweekly because I don't think weekly is reasonable for my current school schedule.
Anyway, I'm having a great week!! I finished season 1 of Better Call Saul which is really good and I've been obsessively rewatching the Clone High reboot-slash-season-2 trailer because it looks totally rad and all my worries about the writing not being as good or them dropping any of the running jokes I like have been eliminated. They even had a dolphin joke in the trailer!! Hooray.
Oh yeah and that new Genndy Tartakovsky thing. I'll be tuning in when it comes out. Even if 'Unicorn Warriors Eternal' sounds like a fake show you'd see a character watch in a sitcom.
I got a math tutor too so that's good. Hopefully I'll get my grades in that class up again.
Bye for now!

I'm back from London! Sorry this update is a day late.
I had a wicked time. I visited lots of museums and ate some good food and saw some strange sights. I think my favourite thing there was the Patagotitan exhibit on at the Natural History Museum-I still can't believe dinosaurs that big walked the earth once. And they let you touch the fossil-cast they have mounted, which is rad.
I also just loved being near such old buildings and, of course, all the shopping. I got this 50s-style formal dress there and I'm super-excited to wear it.
I went birdwatching, so there's some updates to the life-list, and the birdwatching journal with a loose rundown of how it went. I'll also be putting up a comic-strip about my trip at the end of this week or so, hopefully.
Catch ya later!

No update today-wanted to leave a note that I'm going on vacation!! I'm visiting London. This is the first time I've been overseas and I'm really excited about it. So many wicked museums, so many rad places to go shopping... and birds I've never seen before!
I come back on the 2nd but might not update again 'til the 3rd. See you then!

Today is the site's first birthday!! Badgersaurus has officially been on the World Wide Web for a full three-hundred-and-sixty-five days.
I honestly was expecting to abandon this, like, a couple months after making it. But I stuck to it, and I'm sure glad I did. I've had a lot of fun working on it and recieved some wonderful compliments about it and met some cool people through it. And I don't plan on stopping any time soon!
To celebrate, there's a new drawing in the Gallery.

Man, I haven't been updating this as much as I should. Today includes new drawings of some of the dragons in the Field-Guide, a new entry on my list of favourite Pokemon, and a minor adjustment to the Pokemon index because that doll wasn't loading for me anymore and it was pissing me off.
Anyway, spring is here! Ostensibly. It's still snowing out where I live and hitting lows of minus twenty degrees celsius. But whatever, we're getting closer.
I beat Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People the other day. That was pretty fun. A must-play if you like point-and-clicks or Homestar Runner. I watched the Big Lebowski and really enjoyed it. I gotta watch more Coen Brothers stuff! I've also been binge-watching Arrested Development again 'cause they're taking it off Netflix. Those first three seasons are still some of the best TV ever.
That's all I got today. See you next week for the site's first anniversary!

Today's update includes a new playlist on the Radio, a couple new Gallery drawings, and a new link on the Surfin' page.
I'm on a five-day weekend right now, 'cause there's a teacher's convention or whatever. So I'm just chilling out for the forseeable future.
I've been reading a lot of books lately: I read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which was incredible, and I'm itching to pick up more Philip K. Dick soon. I also read The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt, which was pretty good too, and A Children's Bible by Lydia Millet, which I couldn't stand. One of those books that thinks it's World-Changing Literature and won't let you forget it, and I hate that.
Other than that, the usual: playing video games, watching TV (that Lockwood and Co. show is pretty good; my friends made me watch it) and doing homework. I got a 100% on my last chemistry assignment, so I'm pretty jazzed about that.
Catch ya later!

Badgersaurus Comix is a-go! Check out the first strip on the Gallery page.
I got an 86 on my math final! And my new classes are going pretty well so far (though it's only been a week.) Uhhh, that's all I got today.
See ya!

Just added some new links to the Surfin' page, cleaned up the update log, and changed some image code in the Pokemon section.
I haven't updated this since before my finals! I think they went well but I don't have my grades back yet. I haven't done too much over exam break. I watched the Sea Beast, which was cute but really felt like 'How To Train Your Dragon but slightly to the left', and a bunch of nature documentaries. I've played an embarrasing amount of Planet Zoo; I'm almost done with my American/European wildlife area in my current zoo (just need to add in the bears.) After that I'm gonna build a 'Reptiles of the World' section.
In terms of the website, having a proper plan for this year has really got me motivated. I've been tinkering away with a comic-strip page for Badgersaurus Comix, which should be up next week. After that will be more dragon stuff and hopefully an index for the Pterosaur Project thingamajig.
That's it for today! Have a good one.

Went birdwatching again. Plus, a new doodle in the gallery.
Once again, back to finals..

Little update today: went birdwatching. Saw some ducks.
I gotta get back to studying for finals now. See ya.

Happy New Year!
Today's update includes a new Dragon Field-Guide page (finally!), a new playlist (Psychonauts-themed), and some link adjustments in the Surfin' section.
What else? I watched White Noise yesterday. Great movie; I haven't read the book yet, but it made me want to. It covers some of my favourite themes in literature; mainly the facades and deception that persist across capitalist society, and our collective tendency to ignore that which is happening around us in favour of cheap distractions and entertainment. I liked it.
I also tried to watch Triangle of Sadness some time before that. It wasn't very good. Few too many shots of people graphically vomiting, not enough characters who I didn't want to murder. That's art film for you, I guess. You win some, you lose some.
I bought Rayman Origins 'cause it was on sale on Steam. It looks fun. I like the artstyle.
That's it for today. See you around.

Merry Christmas... again.
I got some neat gifts this year: a warm flannel, two books (one a collection of 50s sci-fi comics, the other 'We Have Always Lived in the Castle' by Shirley Jackson), a stack of bird ID flash-cards, a little sandpiper figurine and a hat that looks like GIR from Invader Zim, thus signifying the end of my transformation into 2009 scene kid. Anyway.
I went birdwatching this morning, which was cool. Go check the Aviary. And once again, check below for the 2022 holiday thingy I wrote up, if you haven't seen it yet.
Once again, have a good Christmas. See you later!

Merry Christmas!
I'm on winter break now, which means expect a lotta updates over the next little while, or at least a few big ones. Like today's: the 2022 State of the Badger report, a new-year's-special sort-of deal for the site.
Otherwise, I went and adjusted some text on a few pages amd fixed a coding mistake on the Pokemon index.
Anyway. For winter break, I wanna watch a lot of movies and finish some video games and do some math practice, and work on this site. If I do end up writing a lot more I'll try and space it out over the coming weeks, but I also might end up just doing one big update, or lots of little ones over the next few days. We will see.
Have a good holiday!

So. It has been three weeks since I last updated the site, according to Neocities.
I wanted to make sure my next update was one with some real meat on it's bones... and then I couldn't decide on what to write about for ages. Eventually I ended up finishing the index and starting one of the subpages of my Pokemon page. Go have a look at it in the arcade!
In other news, this next week is my last before winter break. I'm pretty thrilled to be off school, honestly. I'll definately work on the site some more-I wanna make a 'year in review' page writing about what 2022 was like for me. Keep an eye out for that.
I've been playing a lot of Planet Zoo lately. It's a fun game, but very time-consuming. I'm currently working on an Alpine Ibex enclosure and it's looking pretty spiffy if I may say so myself.
Oh! I also have an account on this new alternate social-media site thing called Cohost. I'm @Badgersaurus on there. I dunno if I'll really use it but it seems kind-of neat.
That's it for now. See ya next Sunday, hopefully!

Monday update: art, again.
But there's three drawings this time! So I'm happy about that.
In terms of general life stuff: I had a math midterm today. I think I did good but I don't know 'till i get it back, obviously.
I think I've finally decided on a university major (for now), which is exciting. Biology or biochemistry I think, and then a career in like, pharmaceutical research or something. Maybe I'll be a dentist one day. You never know.
Oh! The new Pokemon game. It kicks major ass. I love it. Some minor graphical issues and my Switch fans don't dig it in handheld mode but whatever. I love the new Pokemon and the mediterranean feel; very different from Galar! So far my favourite is Squawkabilly. I mean, the name alone. C'mon.
Nothing else to say today. Catch ya later!

A new doodle in the gallery.
I am SO sorry about the lack of original non-fan-art or proper updates lately. School has been... not kicking my ass, 'cause I'm getting good grades, but you know, it's been busy and I've been wanting to spend my free time chillaxing for the most part. I wanna do some dragon field-guide writing and that Pokemon fanpage next but I have a math midterm next Monday and that takes top priority, so.
See ya... eventually.

Man. Have I really not updated this since before Halloween? Sorry about that.
Just a new drawing in the Gallery and three new links on the Surfin' page today. Nothing that interesting but whatever. Busy with school and all that.
Stay cool.

A day later than I woulda liked but there's a new Halloween playlist on the Radio and some new and adjusted links in the Surfin' page. Halloween is soon! Really, really soon. I can't wait.

The fabled day has finally arrived! The Radio button works now!!
It only has the one subpage, but it's there. Check out my playlists, get a sense of the kinda stuff I listen to, and how obsessed I am with Splatoon 3.
As always, I ask myself: What's next for the website?
And the answer this time is technical stuff. Then more dragon-project work. Then maybe that Pokemon page, in preparation for Scarlet and Violet.
Catch ya next weekend, probably.

So. I, uh, didn't work on the Radio page at all this weekend. Sorry.
I did draw some stuff, though, so go check the gallery.
Other than that? I finally finished a school project on the Cuban Revolution I worked on for two weeks and I'm pretty damn happy about that. I tried a new pizza place in town-pretty good stuff, but they put roasted onions on all of it and I don't care for those. I've been getting my halloween costume together-it's another simple, yet effective one, depicting a cartoon character, which is the sort of costume I've done for the past four years. In totally-unrelated news I have been brushing up on my Homestar Runner impression.
That's it for this week. Bye for now!.

A one-two-three punch of updates today: a new entry in the birdwatching journal, some new art in the gallery, and some new links on the surfin' page.
I am still swamped with school and will be for the forseeable future BUT the Radio page is coming along nicely!! It'll be small at first but I have loads I want to add. I love listening to music sosoSO much and I never shut up about it ever.
See ya.. next long weekend, probably? Like when Thanksgiving is. I'm too lazy to check if that's next week or the week after.

TEN THOUSAND VIEWS!!! When did THAT happen?!?!?
Thank you to everyone who's visited this page!
Anyway, I am emerging from my math-and-physics-homework-filled pit in the ground to say that I drew some Splatoon fanart and you can see it in the gallery. Also I am TOTALLY OBSESSED with Splatoon 3.
The new art, the new characters, the new story-mode, the new weapons (Tri-Stringers my beloved), the new Salmon Run stuff (flip-floppers make me feel super-guilty whenever I kill 'em.. they're so pathetic, trying so hard to be dolphins...), I love it all.
School's heating up now. I gotta math quiz and a physics test tomorrow.
Wish me luck!

No real updates for today. However, I felt the patriotic need to remind you all that
Todaybor Day is Labor Day!
Other than that? School's been good so far. I really like my math teacher for this term. Mr. Hudson, if you're reading this, please don't make us do too much geometry this year.
I'm planning on doing theatre-tech and radio-club again this year, and maybe joining the new film club once that opens up. I'm also doing junior achievement, so hopefully that'll be fun.
I went paddleboarding with my best bud yesterday. It's a good way to wrap up the summer.
That's all for now. Stay cool!

In what is probably my last update before school starts; added some new links to the Surfin' page. One to each section.
The splatfest was super fun!! Congratulations to team Rock. Also you're all troglodytes and I hate you. Paper should've won.
See you guys on the ink September 9th I guess.

THE DRAGON PAGE IS FINALLY UP!!!!! Find it in the Gallery!
This is the first of several weird half-written half-visual projects (well, there's no visuals for this one yet) I wanna put up on the site. There are loads more to come for those dragons and their weird little world. Loads more.
I hope you find them as interesting as I do.
Other than that... hmmm, school is starting soon, so expect more art updates but less long-form writing and birdwatching updates. I've been playing Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, which is totally sick. Why did Telltale ever stop making point-and-clicks when they were SO GOOD at them??
Also, the first Splatoon 3 splatfest is tomorrow. I'm pickin' Paper.
That's all I got for today. Stay fresh, or whatever.

Went birdwatching this morning! Saw a lot of birds.
Dragon stuff is almost done. I know this is like the 87th time I've said that but for real. I have to write, like, one more paragraph. And fix some CSS. But SOON.

Went birdwatching, so quick update to the journal and the life-list.
See ya later.

New doodle up in the gallery. In other news, I have played so much Fossil Fighters over the last couple days that I think I screwed up my left wrist a little bit. Confound those DS D-pads!!

Went birdwatching again! Saw a heron again!! This time with PHOTOS!!!
That's all for today. Yep.

I went birdwatching and it was awesome. The raddest. You do NOT want to miss this one, trust me. Hop over to the Aviary sometime soon.
Other than that: general housekeeping stuff today. There's a snazzy new update archive page, linked at the bottom of this update section. I put a single new link up on the Surfin' page. Also there's a not-working-yet link on the Gallery page that will work soon. Really. For real.
Gotta go! Thanks for seven thousand views by the way. Seven thousand is a lot.

Added a couple doodles to the gallery.
I'm still working on the dragon stuff, I swear. I've just been super-tired lately 'cause of the heat so I haven't gotten as much done as I'd like.
More relevantly: I'm leaving on a trip AGAIN. Heading to Vancouver to meet family this time. I'll be back Sunday afternoon or so.
See you guys around!!

Added a few new links to the Surfin' page. So go check those out I guess.
Still hammering away at my dragon field-guide. Recently a friend of my mom's tipped us off about a place in the city with loads of yellow-headed blackbirds so I'm gonna check that out soon. I've only ever seen one once so I'm psyched-up about it.
Catch ya later.

Back from vacation! Vegas is a weird place.
The Black Keys were AWESOME. They just make it all look so effortless. Little Black Submarines and especially Ten-Cent Pistol are AMAZING to hear live. They basically played all my favourite songs of theirs so I really enjoyed it.
We also went to see the Omega-Mart art installation (which was cool, but not 57-bucks-a-ticket-cool) and the Pinball Hall of Fame which I adored. Old pinball art and game-design is one of my favourite things. Maybe I should write a page on it here sometime.
Anyway. The website. Yes.
I will be starting work on the dragon pages again tomorrow. Then point-and-click stuff after that. Perfect timing on those, really, 'cause I'm getting close to wrapping up the Deponia games soon.
That's all for now!

No updates today. Just wanted to leave a note that I'll be travelling this weekend, so I won't be able to reply to E-mails or comments or whatever 'til Tuesday.
I'm going to Vegas!! Woohoo. We're gonna see the Black Keys in concert. I'm super psyched about it.
Catch you all next week!

It is my birthday!!! It has now been 16 years since I started terrorizing the world.
I went birdwatching this morning with my buddies, so I updated the life-list and journal. In the next week I'm gonna buckle down and finish my dragon pages for the gallery. They've been super fun to write so far. After that I wanna start on my point-and-click adventure-game page, for the arcade.
See ya later!!

Stuck up a new drawing in the gallery. Two days of updates in a row... weird.
I've got two art-project pages, for my pterosaur game idea and some dragon-species I came up with, in the works right now.
How long until I finish them? Will I ever write that Radio page? Will I ever start using I-frames like a sane web-developer instead of copy-pasting my code over and over again?? Stay tuned.

Went birdwatching today (been a while, jeez) so I put up a new journal entry and updated the life-list.
What's next for Badgersaurus?
Art projects, mostly. Also I wanna make a shrine for the Lenore comics by Roman Dirge but I don't know what section of the site that'd go under. So... gonna think about that one.
Also I cleaned up this update log. I have all my past updates written down in a .txt file on my computer if I ever need 'em.
Peace out!

The Surfin' page is FINALLY DONE. Oh my god.
It was NOT supposed to take this long but I decided I wanted to make an 88x31 button of my own, and I had to learn a new drawing software because my school Adobe subscription ran out and I had to study for my finals and stuff. But it's done now!
It's full of links to other rad websites and it's got my button if you wanna link back to me.
Other than that, I'm done with finals now. I'm working on starting a local birdwatching group with a few of my friends. I went to the zoo yesterday 'cause they got their butterfly-shipment in for this year and it's been ages since I've seen the butterfly-house. Spectacular stuff.
That's all for today. See ya around.

Added a new drawing to the gallery.
The surfin' page is done but I wanna finish my 88x31 button before I put it up so I'm working on that now. Sorry for the delay.
Tomorrow starts my last week of school, so I'm super happy about that. I'm also getting all my things in order regarding Instagram so I can delete it soon.
That's all for now. Catch you later!

I'm writing the dates for these different now.
More importantly: I put some new art up in the gallery. New Works by Badgersaurus. If I was a real artist that's what they'd subtitle all my shows.
Also! THREE THOUSAND VIEWS. Hitting real niche internet microcelebrity territory here. Jokes aside, I don't care about numbers too much but it's still pretty wicked that that many people like my stuff, or at least look at it briefly.
The surfin' page and a 88x31 button are coming along still. Keep an eye out.
See ya!

Went birdwatching this morning so I put up a new journal entry and updated the life-list. Gonna work on the Surfin' stuff this week.

Added some new art to the Gallery. That's all.
School is really picking up so it'll be a while 'til I do anything more major with the site.

The Aviary page is up along with it's two subpages. (Told you the next update would come quicker.)
I just came back from a birdwatching trip like fifteen minutes ago so the first journal entry is super-fresh in my mind. I saw an eagle!! So damn cool.
Oh AND this website hit two thousand views!! What what.
Next... think I'm gonna write up the Surfin' (links) page and make a nifty 88x31 button for myself. A favicon would be rad too. We'll see.
Peace out, dudes.

The Psychonauts Pshrine is FINALLY DONE. Finally.
Find it under the Arcade button. Which works now.
I'm super proud of it. I have so many thoughts about this game being my favourite and WHY it's my favourite and it feels really good to have them all written down somewhere.
Not sure what's next-Pokemon stuff? More art? Birdwatching?
But it'll for-sure get done quicker. I'll keep you guys posted.
Stay cool.

Added a fancy font for headers, and a Toxtricity on the right sidebar. She's a webring, or something.
Still working on Psychonauts stuff and some personal long-term art projects. I had sort-of a shitty week so I didn't work on Badgersaurus as much as I would like to.
In cheerier news! The weather's super sunny now. I worked theatre-tech for a school play and had a blast. Got a good score on my science quiz. You know, the usual.
Peace out!

Put up some new art in the Gallery. I'm still working on the preliminary version of the Psychonauts page. It'll focus mostly on the first game and my thoughts on it.
I'm also putting together an archive-ish page on Psychonauts promotional images and materials from the original game's release. Stuff like magazine ads and the Scott C. comic strips. If anyone has any of that stuff, please please E-mail it to me! I am trying to collect as much of it as possible.
Also I broke a thousand pageviews. Huh. Big numbers. I think I gotta stop writing about those in these update thingies.
That's all for now. See ya.

I'm back from vacation!
I went to NYC. Had a totally radical time there, you have no idea. I went to museums and cool stores and saw Nick Cave and Warren Ellis perform and it was just an all-around good time.
But enough about me. I've started working on the Arcade section, as I mentioned before, and next in line is a Pokemon page. Or maybe a Psychonauts one? I dunno yet, but I'm gonna keep working and have at least one done this week. I still have a couple days before spring break ends, so I might have it up as soon as Monday.
Also, thanks for all the views. 800 is a real big number.
See you guys later. Stay cool.

I've started working on the Arcade section of the site and it's looking killer. Kill-er.
But more importantly, I'm going on vacation! I'm not gonna be able to update my site or anything for a week or so. Maybe launching it right before this was bad timing.
Remember how on the old internet people used to avoid talking about going on vacations until after they got back 'cause they didn't want to get robbed? That was weird. Anyways.
See you guys soon!! And thank you for all the views so far. 400 is a lot!

I am super stoked to announce the first version of my web site is finally up!!
So far, only the About and Gallery buttons work. I'm gonna work on the Arcade and Aviary sections next.

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

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