This is the video-games section of the site.
Video-games are pretty rad. I believe the interactivity provided by video-games can add an extra layer of artistic power to a story; whether through affecting the story itself, as in most 'art games', through serving as an additional pacing method to story events, as in Psychonauts or older point-and-clicks, or simply as an additional layer of enjoyment and artistic freedom, as in most everything else that's fun to play.

Here, you can find pages about some of my favourite video-games, my personal thoughts on them, and a whole lot of useless trivia.
Other than those with pages here, some other favourite games of mine are
No Straight Roads and Parappa the Rapper.
I play loads of other stuff, too, though.

Psychonauts Pshrine

A page dedicated to The Most Excellent Game Psychonauts, and it's sequels.
(Yes, that really is it's official title.)

Piper's Pokemon Page

My favourite Pokemon, trainers, and cities in the games, plus a creation-myth... lore theory... thing?

Point n' Clicks

All my favourite point-and-click adventure games, retro and otherwise,
and why you should check out the genre.

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