One-half cute woodland animal, one-half ferocious carnivore from sixty-five million years ago.
One-hundred-percent punk-rock.

My name's Piper, and this is my corner of the Internet.
I made this site for fun, mostly, and to have something to impress people with at parties.
But also 'cause the modern web is super-sterile and super-static. There's no fun in surfing it anymore, when nearly everything looks the same. Bland white minimalism everywhere you go. Gross.
So, I made Badgersaurus!
I made this character in summer 2021, to represent myself, sort-of, and I think she's a pretty rad website mascot. You can read more about her (and me) on the About page if you're interested.

Here you can find info on all kindsa stuff I like:
punk music, birdwatching, video games, and my own art.
Plus some links to other sites I think are rad. All pretty typical stuff for a personal web-page I guess.
But I had a lotta fun making it! And I hope you have a similar amount of fun browsing it.


This website is under construction. Most of the buttons don't work yet. I will not be held liable for any not-working-button-related injuries.

Instead of doing anything useful I made this. And I've just been studying, as per usual this time of year. It's literally almost eleven and I have a chem test tomorrow why did I stay up doing this. Oh yeah I've got autism that's why. I forget sometimes.
See you probably soonish.

Birdwatching again!
Sorry it's been so quiet. Finals are approaching... and I gotta job! I bus tables at the Ship n' Anchor pub now. It is exhausting but also very fun.
That's all I got. See you eventually again at some point. I AM doing the new graphics I just.. haven't really been doing them, actually... busy busy busy is only so much an excuse... this summer for sure.

This week I got exactly 0 things related to the website redesign done but I did just go birdwatching. So there's that.
Yesterday I went to see my city's underground film festival's saturday-morning-cartoon marathon with a pal and it ruled. They opened with the Hanna-Barbara Godzilla cartoon (<3) and then ran the 90s Zelda cartoon and a bunch of other weird shit, including a Gumby short in which he is attacked by evil jelly rolls and pie crusts which kind of felt like a bizarre nightmare. I tried a bunch of weird American cereal at their cereal bar--shoutout to the Chips Ahoy one, it was a real banger.
Uhhh, that's all for now. Back to being super-busy with school. My English teacher is making Othello genuinely terribly unfun and that is unforgiveable because that play rocks. Instead of letting us read it she plays this terrible audiobook that you can barely hear and then pauses it every two seconds to explain things that are Very Obvious and none of, you know, the parts of Shakespeare that need explaining. And they wonder why kids hate reading this stuff...
See you next week! Maybe?

New art, new birdwatching journal entry. Man, what is with me and updating consistently when I say I'm not going to? I don't mean for this to happen but life just sorta shakes out like that.
Nothin' else to say today. Feeling lazy. Life is pretty sweet though.
Peace out.

Popping out again to say: went birdwatching so check the Journal and also Space Dandy is kind of a banger piece of television. It fulfills the three 'S's of Good Media: Stylish, Sexy, and Science-Fictional. Also this week's Shark Tank episode sucked ass like none of those products were good. I'm sorry but it's true.
In non-idiot-box news, grad is coming up oh my God like how this is real. No way am I actually almost done grade school... I'm freaking out! But super excited to be done. Hitting that Ghost World phase with my main high-school friend-groups now, I think that happens to everyone, where you wake up one day and you're suddenly like 'damn, I kind of totally can't stand most of these people anymore.' I read that in a Duke Nukem voice in my head after typing it. I might be losing it slightly. Physics will do that to you.
Signing off for now! See you again soonish.

Through nothing short of a miracle, following food poisoning and wisdom teeth removal and the common cold, while trying to sort out jobs and scholarships, I have produced a full high-quality digital drawing and a quick dumb sketch for you all to enjoy. This is what God (read: decent personal organization and self-motivation/discipline) can do for you.
Unfortunately this is the last time you will be hearing from me for a bit because I gotta lock in with these Badgersaurus 2.0 graphics! Boy am I excited to get these done. At time of writing I've started and gotten a fair bit in; I'll be doing a regular theme and a recolored theme done in vintage halftones (because I started experimenting with them and liked how it looked too much to not use it somehow.)
With the redesign I also want to rewrite some older pages n' crap. So it might be a good while 'till you hear from ol' Badgersaurus again. But hopefully not TOO long! I don't wanna totally drop off the face of the planet here.
See you around.

Helllooo party people. The Concert Journal is finally DONE. Also some new drawings, please enjoy them.
Organic chemistry is an evil unit created by dark wizards to personally slight and inconvenience me. What the fuck is an 'amine' stop making things up. Physics is OK though so far. Um, what else... my taste in media gets worse by the day which is to say the last three things I've enjoyed have been the 2000 Charlie's Angels remake, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, and Persona 3 Reload. You can all unfollow me for that last one, I won't judge.
I haven't worked on the new graphics at all because I've been writing a resume and applying for some summer jobs. Hopefully I get one of 'em but at least the interview process will be good for me if nothing else.
I got my diploma marks back! They're pretty good. Getting a 78 in 30-level math is actually insane considering I was hovering at a 70-72 average all year but hey, sure. My others are better but sadly I didn't break 90 on any of 'em. Next time?
And that's that for today. Catch ya next week(?)!

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