One-half cute woodland animal, one-half ferocious carnivore from sixty-five million years ago.
One-hundred-percent punk-rock.

My name's Piper, and this is my corner of the Internet.
I made this site for fun, mostly, and to have something to impress people with at parties.
But also 'cause the modern web is super-sterile and super-static. There's no fun in surfing it anymore, when nearly everything looks the same. Bland white minimalism everywhere you go. Gross.
So, I made Badgersaurus!
I made this character in summer 2021, to represent myself, sort-of, and I think she's a pretty rad website mascot. You can read more about her (and me) on the About page if you're interested.

Here you can find info on all kindsa stuff I like:
punk music, birdwatching, video games, and my own art.
Plus some links to other sites I think are rad. All pretty typical stuff for a personal web-page I guess.
But I had a lotta fun making it! And I hope you have a similar amount of fun browsing it.


This website is under construction. Most of the buttons don't work yet. I will not be held liable for any not-working-button-related injuries.

Huge update for today: A comic strip! A birdwatching journal entry! Three (or five, depending on how you count) new pieces in the Gallery, including some digital art!
I hope this makes up for my shoddy schedule recently-school has been getting tough. But we're almost done this year!! God I am so excited for the summer. And, hey-this is technically my last-ever summer break, before I finish grade school and head off to university. Crazy stuff.
Other than that: UWE is still a really good show. That Broken Age essay is gonna have to wait because I decided to start it just as I start ramping up on actual graded ELA projects and I don't hate myself enough to write two essays at once. Album Wall next, instead?? Maybe!
Catch you later!

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal premiered on Thursday and it is the best thing ever. Go watch it please.
By which I mean: some art in the gallery. No Badgersaurus Comix this week because I've been busy setting up the Point n' Clicks index. It's looking good, so far. After it and my Broken Age essay are done, I'll be setting up the Pterosaur page! It'll have custom CSS and everything. Expect updates here to speed up soon: it's springtime after all and school is slowing down in some of my classes.
That's it for today! See you later.

Minor sidebar adjustments across the whole damn site, plus a new Badgersaurus Comix strip and a new Gallery drawing! Enjoy.

I went birdwatching this morning, so there's a new birdwatching journal entry and some life-list updates.
I finished watching the TV show Maniac this week. The best way I can describe it is it's the Psychonauts spinoff miniseries I always wanted. It's got all the elements: absurd somewhat-dark humour, empathetic and complex exploration of mental illness and trauma, fantastic sci-fi (though near-future rather than midcentury-inspired), and really lovable characters. Really all it's missing is the sentient lungfish.
If any of that sounds good to you then you should watch it!
That's it for today.

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