One-half cute woodland animal, one-half ferocious carnivore from sixty-five million years ago.
One-hundred-percent punk-rock.

My name's Piper, and this is my corner of the Internet.
I made this site for fun, mostly, and to have something to impress people with at parties.
But also 'cause the modern web is super-sterile and super-static. There's no fun in surfing it anymore, when nearly everything looks the same. Bland white minimalism everywhere you go. Gross.
So, I made Badgersaurus!
I made this character in summer 2021, to represent myself, sort-of, and I think she's a pretty rad website mascot. You can read more about her (and me) on the About page if you're interested.

Here you can find info on all kindsa stuff I like:
punk music, birdwatching, video games, and my own art.
Plus some links to other sites I think are rad. All pretty typical stuff for a personal web-page I guess.
But I had a lotta fun making it! And I hope you have a similar amount of fun browsing it.


This website is under construction. Most of the buttons don't work yet. I will not be held liable for any not-working-button-related injuries.

Went birdwatching, so quick update to the journal and the life-list.
See ya later.

New doodle up in the gallery. In other news, I have played so much Fossil Fighters over the last couple days that I think I screwed up my left wrist a little bit. Confound those DS D-pads!!

Went birdwatching again! Saw a heron again!! This time with PHOTOS!!!
That's all for today. Yep.

I went birdwatching and it was awesome. The raddest. You do NOT want to miss this one, trust me. Hop over to the Aviary sometime soon.
Other than that: general housekeeping stuff today. There's a snazzy new update archive page, linked at the bottom of this update section. I put a single new link up on the Surfin' page. Also there's a not-working-yet link on the Gallery page that will work soon. Really. For real.
Gotta go! Thanks for seven thousand views by the way. Seven thousand is a lot.

Added a couple doodles to the gallery.
I'm still working on the dragon stuff, I swear. I've just been super-tired lately 'cause of the heat so I haven't gotten as much done as I'd like.
More relevantly: I'm leaving on a trip AGAIN. Heading to Vancouver to meet family this time. I'll be back Sunday afternoon or so.
See you guys around!!

Added a few new links to the Surfin' page. So go check those out I guess.
Still hammering away at my dragon field-guide. Recently a friend of my mom's tipped us off about a place in the city with loads of yellow-headed blackbirds so I'm gonna check that out soon. I've only ever seen one once so I'm psyched-up about it.
Catch ya later.

Back from vacation! Vegas is a weird place.
The Black Keys were AWESOME. They just make it all look so effortless. Little Black Submarines and especially Ten-Cent Pistol are AMAZING to hear live. They basically played all my favourite songs of theirs so I really enjoyed it.
We also went to see the Omega-Mart art installation (which was cool, but not 57-bucks-a-ticket-cool) and the Pinball Hall of Fame which I adored. Old pinball art and game-design is one of my favourite things. Maybe I should write a page on it here sometime.
Anyway. The website. Yes.
I will be starting work on the dragon pages again tomorrow. Then point-and-click stuff after that. Perfect timing on those, really, 'cause I'm getting close to wrapping up the Deponia games soon.
That's all for now!

No updates today. Just wanted to leave a note that I'll be travelling this weekend, so I won't be able to reply to E-mails or comments or whatever 'til Tuesday.
I'm going to Vegas!! Woohoo. We're gonna see the Black Keys in concert. I'm super psyched about it.
Catch you all next week!

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